MSP & ITSP Integrated Solutions

Datto’s solutions are built to integrate seamlessly with “best of breed” tools, software, and applications that MSPs use most. Datto believes there is no limit to what small and medium businesses can achieve with the right technology.

Datto offers a portfolio of products related to Business Management, Unified Continuity and Networking and has created a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of thousands of MSP partners providing service to more than one million businesses across the globe.

and start a preliminary analysis of what an outage could mean to your business.

Get a competitive edge with a single pane of glass that helps your business operate efficiently and deliver data-backed insights and support to clients. Datto's solutions are built to integrate seamlessly with "best of breed" tools, software, and applications that MSPs use most.

Business Management

Datto Business Management systems are 100% cloud, which means are accessible anywhere with no on-premise components ever. You don’t need to worry about ongoing software upgrades, backups, and maintenance, which saves you time and money. It is a reliable set of tools with a proven track record of 99.99% uptime.

Datto RMM

Datto RMM is a simple, powerful, and 100% cloud remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution. It allows you to securely and effectively manage your client’s IT infrastructure with powerful automation tools such as network monitoring, patch management, and remote control. Break from the status quo and join the thousands of Managed Service Providers (MSP) using Datto’s Remote Monitoring Management to solve the complex problems their customers face each day. Datto RMM delivers a unique way to grow your business, solve more problems, get more work done, and become more secure, all while saving you time.

Simple and Easy to Use

Datto RMM is easy to deploy with pre-configured functionality that works out of the box. It is described by users as “Enjoyable to use” and “Easy to get work done” because it is built to do complex things, beautifully and simply. Special care is put into the user experience and is one reason so many MSPs are choosing Datto RMM for their business.

  • No need for a dedicated owner/ service director to run the system.
  • Spread responsibility to technicians with varying skill levels.
  • Mitigate risk and allow your team to scale more rapidly.
  • policy-driven infrastructure saving you time and money.

Audit and Discovery

Before you can manage your clients’ IT infrastructure, you need to know what they have in place. Adding devices manually can be very time-consuming and also very difficult to maintain. 

  • Quickly find all devices in the network using the Network Discovery tool.
  • Maintain an up-to-date hardware and software inventory for all devices with automated change monitoring.


Datto RMM monitors keep track of a variety of attributes, processes, settings, statuses, events, and much more, on devices they are deployed to, and raise an alert when the device is not operating within specified parameters. 

  • Monitor for performance issues like low disk space, high CPU, low memory and network latency.
  • Monitor any application, platform or device using our built-in powerful monitors.
  • Support for WMI, Perfmon, SNMP, Network Bandwidth, and Eventlog.
  • Stay on top of issues with automatic remediation and email notifications.


Datto RMM looks at security through a critical lens and proactively implement defensive postures, even when the decision is a hard one to make. 

  • Datto RMM is constantly implementing measures to keep the system safe from the persistent threat of cybercriminals.
  • MSPs have a lot at stake and are moving away from less secure options, preferring solutions that proactively help to secure the business and end-clients.

Remote Support

Datto RMM offers a superior remote control experience, recognizing the diversity of business operations and offer a variety of consulting and support services to accommodate a wide range of scenarios.

  • Control any screen using the integrated VNC, RDP, and Splashtop tools. 
  • Possibility to help clients without interrupting their daily activities. 
  • Manage and support any network device using its integrated SSH/Telnet and HTTP proxy.

Patch Management

Automated patch policies keep your clients’ machines secure without the need for manual intervention. 

  • Flexible patch approvals and local caching allow you to support larger networks. 
  • Custom notifications give teams control over reboots.
  • Comprehensive reporting and interactive dashboards provide visibility into client networks. 
  • Automate patching, minimize downtime, and improve customer experience.

Reports and Dashboards

The reporting functionality allows you to provide your clients with regular reports about the services you’re providing. 

  • Powerful API that allows you to integrate into other tools or run custom reports. 
  • Actionable dashboards so you can see a graphical representation of what’s going on and then quickly take action to resolve issues.

Scalable and Elastic with AWS

Each year, more and more devices are becoming network-enabled and thus need to be secured and managed. Datto RMM runs in the cloud with unlimited resource availability.

  • No limit to the number of devices you can support.
  • No risk of performance issues.
  • No need to purchase and maintain on-premise hardware.

Fully Unified with Autotask PSA

Autotask PSA & Datto RMM advanced integration is entirely unique to the industry. PSA and RMM together provide a seamless, secure cross-product user experience, real-time asset management, and consolidated analytics for devices and alert activity.

  • truly unified platform that enables you to deliver superior service and generate higher profits.
  • increase the efficiency of the technical personnel.
  • provide better reporting to your customers to help them understand the work you do to protect their environment.

Supported Platforms

Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, VMWare, and SNMP Devices.

Autotask PSA

Autotask PSA is the central hub for any MSP or ITSP, and its open API enables it to integrate with other critical applications that a service company needs to run their business. Full visibility into services, internal operations, and customers. Datto Autotask PSA can effectively manage internal and external knowledge base, support tickets, quotes, customer relationship data and timesheets. Whether your company has 10 technicials or a team of hundreds, Autotask can scale to your needs.

Service Desk

The Ticketing module is ITIL-aligned with built-in best practices to make sure MSPs hit their SLA targets.

  • The ticket user interface allows for effortless workflow prioritization and is fully configurable to fit unique business needs.
  • A single system of record for all customer notes, contracts, incidents and emails.
  • Simple and efficient scheduling with a drag and drop dispatcher workshop.
  • Customizable dashboards to keep MSPs focused on the metrics that matter to the business.

Project Management

Manage projects so they come in on-time, on-budget, and on-spec. The new Task user interface completely overhauls the project management experience with new task categories, task timelines, checklists, and task insight widgets.

  • Automate project workflows to consistently hit targets with increased visibility around event tracking.
  • Access real-time data, connect everyone instantly with integrated email, and put the right resources on the right tasks.
  • Meet billing milestones, assess project profitability, and control factors impacting cost and efficiency.

Account Management

Win new business and manage the existing customer base with a full 360-degree view of account information.

  • A single place to collaborate on opportunities, contracts, tickets, and tasks.
  • Track metrics in real time and analyze new opportunities and sales performance.
  • Consistently delight customers and keep an eye on client satisfaction metrics.
  • Continuously improve customer experience by offering client self-help tools in order to deliver great service and be a great advisor.

Time & Billing

Meet commitments with detailed customer agreements and ensure all billable time and expenses are accounted for without dispute.

  • Manage a multitude of contract types, terms, and billing options to ensure compliance and service quality.
  • Reduce the billing process from hours to minutes 
  • Automatically apply time and expenses to any contract type.
  • Maximize resource with in-source and outsource tickets from vendor partners.
  • Integrate timesheets and expenses with an accounting system, then approve and post in one click.
  • Put an end to billing disputes with invoice detail that is customizable by customer.

Inventory and Procurement

Autotask Inventory models the entire workflow from purchasing to installation at the customer site.

  • Set up and manage inventory in various locations
  • Check availability and reserve or pick inventory. items when creating a contract, project or ticket charge.
  • Generate and manage purchase orders and receive purchases into inventory.
  • Transfer inventory items between locations and to customers.
  • Manage swapping one Configuration Item for another.

Resource Management

Manage security levels, time off, work groups, and dispatch calendar to keep everyone organized and on task.

  • Display all calendar items such as service calls, to-dos, and appointments.
  • Dispatch calendar allows MSPs to delegate work to the appropriate techs and manage resources.
  • Manage time off policies, establish and track weekly billable hours goals, manage workgroups, and track skills, degrees, and employee certificates.

Automation of Service Delivery

Set up event triggers that will automate an action, update data, or send a notification with Autotask’s Workflow Rule Engine.

  • Automate the backend business process using workflow rules and notifications.
  • Automatically update an entity, take action, and notify customers.
  • Use Checklists in the ticket to prescribe steps, standardize processes, and enforce accountability.
  • Ensures techs are working on the right tasks at the right time so nothing falls through the cracks and everyone stays in the loop.

Unified Continuity

Datto Unified Continuity gives MSP or ITSP the comprehensive tools necessary to protect critical business data living on servers, personal devices and in the cloud. Smart Business Continuity & Data Recovery (BCDR) solutions that back up content to Datto’s secure Cloud let you easily recover a lost file or an entire business infrastructure in minutes.

SaaS Protection

Insure your business against data loss across G Suite and Office 365, including Gmail, Google Drive, Team Drives, Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint. Engineered to be comprehensive data protection in the cloud, SaaS Protection gives you consistently reliable backups, granular restores and exports, security for data compliance and regulatory needs, and world-class 24/7/365 support. 

  • Avoid losing data to inefficient native recovery features and protect your clients no matter what.
  • Recover from ransomware and quickly restore your clients’ user data to a moment before an attack occurred.
  • Ensure transferability, moving emails, files or sites from one user to another when employees leave the company.
  • Block emerging email threats by adding proactive protection against SPAM, phishing attacks and other forms of malware with AI-based email security for Office 365.
  • Eliminate unnecessary license fees for departed employees by storing SaaS data in Datto’s private cloud.
  • Restore critical emails or files lost due to user error, malicious activity, or SaaS application outages.

Cloud Continuity for PCs

Protect client endpoints against ransomware, loss or theft, and accidental data deletion with Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs. Cloud Continuity protects business data on Windows 7 and 10 devices and streamlines recovery of the entire device configuration, setup and applications with image-based restore. Cloud Continuity supports an endpoint device up to 1 TB in size. There are no surprise recovery charges, and backups are available with one-year, time-based retention (TBR) in the Datto Cloud, so MSPs don’t need to worry about storage management.

  • Quickly restore data on lost or stolen PCs to a new device.
  • Granularly recover individual files and folders
  • Rollback after a ransomware attack with point-in-time restore.
  • Easily pause or delete agents and view recent screenshots.


SIRIS is a fully-featured total data protection platform delivered in a single integrated package. Users can easily protect physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac, or Linux. SIRIS 4 and 4X appliances deliver record virtualization boot time and performance, resilient backups, and reliable BCDR for MSPs servicing clients of any size, all in a robust, ambient piece of hardware. SIRIS 4 and 4X appliances come with:

  • Latest generation Intel Xeon and Skylake CPUs to run complex virtualized environments smoothly.
  • High endurance cache drive with Intel’s Optane NVMe SSD for virtualization in as little as 6 seconds.
  • Error-correcting (ECC) RAM ensuring no data corruption.
  • World’s smallest purpose-built BCDR device is the form of the SIRIS 4X Business.


ALTO is a business continuity solution that delivers enterprise-grade functionality at a small business price. ALTO can protect both physical and virtual Infrastructure. ALTO is an all-in-one BCDR solution that includes verified backups, restore options for any scenario, instant virtualization, and ransomware protection. All backed by Datto’s private cloud.

  • A single solution manages both platforms (physical or virtual) in a unified web-based management console.
  • Protect VMware and HyperV Virtualization platforms.
  • Agentless Backup for VMware source machines ensures the fastest, most efficient backup possible.
  • Latest generation Intel Xeon and Skylake CPUs to run complex virtualized environments smoothly.
  • Using of several proprietary methods for detecting the presence of ransomware.


Datto Network attached storage platform is ideal for business continuity in local, virtual, and Cloud environments. It is a single solution supporting both physical and virtual platforms in a unified web-based management console.

  • Collaborate across multiple protocols, so that Windows, Mac and Linux users may work together.
  • Create network drives in the control panel, add users, and assign users storage on shared resources.
  • Secure File Sync & Share providing a single abstracted storage location across operating systems, in the protocol of choice.
  • Effective combination of SSD and spinning drives.
  • Cloud redundancy without the risk of a single point of failure.
  • Regular snapshots that transfer and protect data in the secure Datto cloud.
  • Agentless Backup for VMware source machines ensuring the fastest, most efficient backup possible.

Datto File Backup & Sync Solutions

Datto file backup and restore functionality protects against data loss and downtime in the event of equipment loss or failure, ransomware, or other disasters. Track, monitor, and manage all activity, users, devices, and storage from a single pane of glass. Streamline communication by syncing and sharing files, creating projects and teams, and performing routine audits within a simple, sleek, intuitive user interface.

Datto File Protection

Datto File Protection supports both Windows and Mac operating environments. When a file is added to a location that has been specified for backup, the File Protection Agent will automatically recognize this and begin the backup process. The management is done in File Protection Manager web portal that partners use to provision and administer their internal team and end client teams’ users and storage allocations. Partners can perform the following functions in Datto File Protection Manager.

  • Brand customization of the partner and the end clients using the service.
  • Set up new client teams and manage existing ones.
  • Configure the integration with Autotask PSA to automate and optimize the Datto File Protection quoting, provisioning and billing process with Autotask.

Datto Workplace

Datto Workplace is an enterprise grade File Sync & Share (FSS) solution purpose-built for business. The system has built-in security controls that can be set based on how information needs to be shared with team members. Client teams tracking is possible and storage with centralized management and reliable configurations.

  • MSPs are able to provision and administer internal and client teams and manage clients’ storage allocations by using Workplace Manager online portal.
  • Workplace mobile app available for iOS and Android that provides you full access to Datto Workplace from any mobile device.
  • Synchronization of data between the local drive and the cloud using a desktop agent.
  • HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance, 256-bit encryption, and geo-redundant data centers in North America, Europe, Australia, and Canada.

Datto Networking

With the help of Datto Networking management tools and hardware, MSPs can operate more efficiently and grow their business. The system provides a multi-tenant view of all client networks from a single status page, fully integrated into the same portal used to manage all Datto devices. Simple network management with cloud-stored, drill-down configurations, templated deployments, configuration cloning and more.

All Datto Networking products are billed month-to-month, and only if the devices are active, the same way MSPs bill their clients. If an MSP wishes to commit to a one, two, or three-year term, to better serve its clients, Datto offers additional discounts on the hardware. It’s flexibility to enable the MSP to best serve its clients.

Datto Wifi

WiFi networking should be easy to setup, easy to manage, and easy to use. Datto WiFi will be always available, accessible throughout the office, and seamless to every user. Datto WiFi is completely cloud-managed, so there is nothing to install on-site and you don’t have to spin up your own cloud just to make it work. 

  • Datto Networking WiFi access points deliver powerful, easy-to-use wireless networks, with seamless roaming for always connected WiFi.
  • Datto Networking’s cloud management system, wireless networks can be easily deployed with minimal effort.
  • Smarter, simpler WiFi means better performance, less maintenance and a better customer experience.
  • Monitoring of all networks and connected devices in a single multi-tenant view with all devices connection status.
  • Automatic channel scanning once a day to determine the channel with the least amount of interference.
  • Automatic cloud configuration, with cloning possibilities.
  • Easily scheduled firmware updates, delivered from the cloud to the access points.
  • Natively integrated with Datto RMM and PSA tools.

Datto Switches

Datto Networking Switches deliver extremely reliable switching performance for managed service providers to deliver managed networking services. Deliver high-end performance at an affordable price point, necessary for any MSP who needs to deliver enterprise networking capabilities to their SMB clients.

  • All Datto Networking Switches are configured in the cloud, meaning the only thing left to do is plug the switch in.
  • If necessary switches can be also accessed locally. This increased access improves troubleshooting options.
  • PoE on every port gives you the flexibility to deliver switching performance.
  • Voice VLAN and QoS are fully supported for successful VoIP implementations.
  • Auto-Firmware Management enables you to schedule when firmware updates will be delivered from the cloud to the networking device.
  • Support of configuration templates, saving time and assuring the correct settings each and every time you deploy.
  • Designed as a fully integrated complement to Datto access points.

Datto Edge Routers

Datto edge routers, have integrated WiFi, firewall, intrusion detection and prevention combined with the fully integrated 4G LTE Internet failover in some models, the Datto Networking Appliance delivers everything you need to deploy a network for your small- to medium-sized clients.

  • Built for performance and with room to grow, the appliance continues to provide more advanced routing features in an ever-growing platform that delivers what you need. 
  • Actively identifying any packets that shouldn’t be there and proactively prevents them from affecting the network. The end result is secure connectivity that you can count on.
  • Incorporating advanced security features such as stateful packet inspection, layer 7 DPI, port forwarding, DMZ host, and VLAN segregation, the appliance delivers peace of mind for you while protecting your clients’ networks.
  • Datto edge routers are managed through Datto’s native cloud management system or Datto networking mobile app giving quick and easy access via iOS and Android devices.

Datto Managed Power

Datto Managed Power enables MSPs to remotely or automatically reboot any non-responsive electronic device. Fully WiFi enabled and managed in the cloud, the the devices deliver smart power control, complete with historical power consumption graphs and more.

  • Datto Managed Power eliminates power trips. Now, from the comfort of your own chair, you can click a button and reboot that non-responsive device.
  • Datto Managed Power can be set to continuously ping a list of IP addresses or websites. If those pings don’t connect, each individual power port can be set to automatically reboot.
  • Plug-n-play configuration as with all of the other Datto Networking devices on the network and automatically connect to Datto’s cloud management Portal.
  • Lifetime warranty including an auto replacement of a Managed Power device if and when the surge protection becomes depleted.