Physical / Virtual Backup & Disaster Recovery

SEP sesam is a comprehensive, single backup solution that integrates seamlessly into any environment without any interruptions or data loss. It is an intelligently designed backup and disaster recovery solution that is set-and-forget technology. SEP sesam is highly scalable, award winning software that runs the same, whether on one or 15,000 servers. SEP sesam can back up 1 GB or 1,000 TB; with its multi-streaming technology, SEP sesam leverages full network capabilities to utilize multiple, simultaneous backup streams to provide the fastest transfer rates and the most efficient backups possible, exceeding multiple TB per hour in properly configured systems.

SEP sesam’s DataStore and Virtual Tape Loader options increase flexibility and performance for system backups and data security. By implementing advanced deduplication, storage capacities and network loads can be substantially minimized. SEP sesam is specialized in hot backups of applications, databases and files in multi-OS environments.

One Enterprise Backup solution

SEP sesam is ideal for every IT-environment. From small businesses up to major enterprises, SEP sesam supports all common operating systems, virtualization platforms, applications, databases and storage technologies. Secure enterprise-wide backups, restores, and disaster recoveries are extremely fast and easy to implement and to perform. SEP sesam’s multi-streaming technology allows simultaneous backups of an unlimited number of servers. The result is maximum speed performing restore-oriented backups.

Application & Database Hot Backups

SEP offers the largest portfolio of hot backup modules for applications, groupware solutions and databases delivered for a variety of operating systems. SEP sesam can provide specialized backup for systems like Microsoft Exchange Server, Groupwise, Lotus Domino Server, Zarafa, Dovecot IMAP, Cyrus IMAP, Courier IMAP, openLDAP, Microsoft SharePoint and others.

Backing up your databases has never been easier as SEP sesam is able to back up the database and database instances directly to any storage media without intermediate storage on the file system. The database communicates directly with SEP sesam and the database management console provides a view of all available databases. SEP sesam supports a wide range of databases having some very important benefits:

  • Full system (database) recovery or a point-in-time recovery options
  • SEP sesam ensures data integrity in the event of a restore or recovery
  • No file system overwrite; the backup does not take place on the client computer
  • No file system overwrite caused by the redologs, which are deleted automatically after backup
  • Prevents single point of failure with the backup server in a separate virtual backup location
  • Disaster recovery is managed within SEP sesam GUI and is more easily controlled
  • SEP sesam supports a wide range of databases, including: Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2, Informix SAP R/3, MaxDB and more

Application & Database Hot Backups

When designing an overall virtual layout, backup and recovery options must be considered before implementation. Utilize tools that enable centralization of management and process controls to ensure the ease of monitoring and security of the environment. SEP sesam offers outstanding backup options for virtual platforms, including VMware, Citrix XenServer, XEN and Hyper-V. SEP sesam offers fully integrated solutions that are easily installed enterprise wide and allow for the maximum flexibility possible when designing a backup strategy. Virtual infrastructures are clearly arranged in the SEP sesam Management Interface which simplifies implementation and monitoring of automated backup, migration and restore processes.

Key Features of SEP sesam system

Supported OS platforms include Windows/NT/2000/XP/2003/2008 R2/server 2012/Vista/7/8, all popular Linux distributions & UNIX derivatives, Solaris, HP/UX, Tr64, BSD (also Open VMS) & MAC OSX.

By simultaneously backing up multiple streams/servers at the same time, SEP sesam significantly reduces backup windows.

SEP sesam is an agent-less solution that backs up and restores running virtual machines including VMware ESX/ESXi, Hyper-V, V-Sphere (VCB and VADP) and Citrix XenServer. Online image levels backups with single file restore options are also available.

SEP Easy Archive uses WORM (Write Once Read Many) Technology to prevent unintentional and unauthorized loss or deletion of data.

Reduces the need for more expensive storage and replication assuring that your data will be available where and when you need it.

Seamlessly integrates with Citrix Cloud Stack, Amazon EC2 or any private cloud.

Supports all versions of Exchange, GroupWise and Lotus Notes, Scalix, Zarafa, OX and more.

Replace multiple, antiquated backup utilities with one solution. Save time on acquisition, support and training with SEP sesam.

Bare metal restore for Windows & Linux to similar or dissimilar hardware.

SEP sesam GUI can manage the entire enterprise from a central location or a remote workstation, fast and easy.

SEP sesam installs on Windows or Linux in under 2 minutes for an extremely simple installation and configuration.

Data cloning to create hot or warm spares in the event of a system outage.

Store to DataStore, Virtual Tape Library (VTL), tape drives or any combination (Disk to Disk to Tape).

Windows, Linux, Unix and NetWare cluster support with node failover.

Remote access to LAN/WAN available storage devices provides flexibility and savings.

Restores can be performed in minutes.

SEP sesam can backup clients through multiple firewalls, while using only two ports.

LAN Free Backups over Fiber or ISCI to SAN increases performance and eliminates network traffic.

Automatically assure data reliability.

Integrated, heterogeneous calendar functionality to control all tasks, including backup and restore, migration and generational migration. Start all backups at the same time.

Improve performance over NDMP.

Upon installation, SEP sesam recognizes all storage devices and VMs.